The Adult Oral Health Taskforce has been tasked with building the capacity to provide increased access to oral health care in Spartanburg County.



of Spartanburg County residents have had all permanent teeth removed due to tooth decay or gum disease


of emergency center visits for dental conditions in 2015 were self pay/indigent. ($1.39 million in total charges)


visits were made to the emergency center in 2015 for dental conditions. ($2.7 million in total charges)

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Decrease preventable emergency center visits for dental conditions.

Increase access to oral health care for uninsured and underinsured adults.

Engage cross-sector partners to identify needs and build capacity of the community's extraction clinic.

Moving Forward

Support collaborative ventures that strengthen the ability of the community to provide comprehensive adult oral health services.

Examine effective service models implemented in other communities that meet the adult dental care needs of vulnerable residents.

Explore effective strategies to expand the capacity for oral health education, prevention and restorative dental services.