The Behavioral Health Taskforce has been tasked with building a the capacity to provide increased access to behavioral health services in Spartanburg County.



70,000 people in Spartanburg County are in need of behavioral health services.

 1 in 6 
can access those services (for a variety of reasons - including access to a provider, cost, and stigma).

There were 4,647 behavioral health visits totaling over $13 million in charges at Spartanburg County emergency centers in 2015.

Spartanburg County residents report 3.8 "mentally unhealthy"
days per month.

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Support collaborative ventures that strengthen the ability of the community to provide comprehensive behavioral health services.

Develop collective impact strategies related to leveraging partnerships and resources.

Increase the number of eligible persons receiving behavioral health services in Spartanburg County (penetration rate).


Representative Payee program established to enable independent living for those with mental illness

$500,000 Duke Endowment Grant awarded to expand behavioral health services in primary practice.

Behavioral Health Resource Directory developed to included local accessible services. 

Behavioral Health Wing established at Spartanburg Regional Emergency Center.

Mental health first aid training in partnership with SC Thrive to reach more than 2,000 individuals.