The Birth Outcomes Taskforce has been tasked with improving birth outcomes for all children in Spartanburg County.


30%of Spartanburg County babies are born to mothers with less than adequate prenatal care in 2014, ranking 15th among 46 South Carolina counties.

Black infants are 4x as likely to experience early death as their white counterparts.

The Spartanburg County teen pregnancy rate fell below the South Carolina average for the first time in 2016.
Spartanburg: 23.5 per 1,000
South Carolina: 23.8 per 1,000

Racial disparities in infant mortality persist in Spartanburg County, despite some improvement in 2012.

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Reduce the teen birth rate in Spartanburg County for females age 15-19.

Reduce the infant mortality rate in Spartanburg County.

Reduce the number of women in Spartanburg County whose gestation is less than 39 weeks.

Increase the initiation and duration of breastfeed among women in Spartanburg County.


SRHS received Choose Well grant to provide Contraception Coordinator and increased access to LARC insertions.

A Centering Pregnancy program has been established through the SRHS Carolina OB/GYN practice at Mary Black Memorial Hospital

‘Breastfeeding Friendly’ business designation coordinated with Spartanburg Downtown Business Association
and Chamber of Commerce

39-Week Campaign fully institutionalized across Spartanburg County

Spartanburg 2016 black/white teen birth disparity among females aged 15-19 has been eliminated; South Carolina disparity persists